SIDCO Laminating flooring


Sidco flooring and its brand “Butterfly” range includes everything from classic laminate flooring to veneer floors which is made from a combination of synthetic resin and natural wood source.

Sidco flooring specifications wood flooring is a type HDF processor with the best technology, and one parquet board consists of four basic layers are:

1. The upper and transparent protection layer called (AC) which is the best treatment machinery and materials, which is responsible for protecting the surface of the parquet from scratching and discoloration and water, and vary the thickness of this layer and quality depending on types of parquet

2. color layer which is made of excellent melamine, a class that gives the parquet it’s color and final wooden shape

3. Wood HDF layer, the main layer and the most important and treatment to be resistant to water and insects, its compressed the way to allow them to assume a very large weights، thickness also vary depending on the parquet types 4. the lower budget layer and that is exactly adjacent to the compressed wood layer and its function is protect parquet from moisture and insects and give it the shape rectum beautiful layer.


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